The key stages of a Neighbourhood Plan...


  • Decide to prepare a Plan – decision taken at Full Council 26 May 2020, and working group established
  • Set the area – agree the Neighbourhood Plan area (the parish of Christchurch) – agreed by BCP January 2021

To do:

  • Determine the scope – what topics or issues the plan should cover
  • Develop the plan – how will we achieve the vision for the area?  Gather evidence to support the plan’s strategy and policies
  • Consult – get feedback on the Plan, with changes then made in response, as necessary
  • Submit – send the Plan (as amended) and supporting documents to the Local Planning Authority (BCP) who will agree the appointment of an Independent Examiner
  • Examination – this will include further consultation, and the Examiner may require a Hearing (although most plans do not require a Hearing)
  • Referendum – if the Plan is found to meet the basic conditions (with modifications if necessary) then it goes to a local referendum.  This is to check it has community support.
  • Adopt – BCP will ‘make’ the plan, when it becomes part of the Local Plan for the area.

We will include more details on timescales and next steps as we progress.