Cdc Coverpage

We have been collaborating with Design West, a design and placemaking consultancy firm, to help us update the design code. This code is to ensure that new development within Christchurch is of the very best quality, appropriately references local character, supports the identity of Christchurch, and creates places that people value.

The code looks to provide clear, easy-to-follow rules and guidance for design in Christchurch and therefore should be taken as the basis for making design decisions which support the future of Christchurch without harming its current character and identity.

We now want to hear from you whether the guidance has picked up on the key points that are important to those who live, work and visit Christchurch, and how it can be improved. Click into this link to access the online survey.

The full document could be viewed through this link.

The online survey will be live until Friday, 30 December 2022. We look forward to hearing from you!