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Welcome to the Christchurch Town Council – Neighbourhood Plan website.

If you live, work in or visit the town, you may be interested in how the town may change in the future. A Neighbourhood Plan, written by local people, can influence the plans and decisions made about those changes.

We want everyone who is interested, to get involved, so that our plan genuinely reflects the planning matters that local people say are the most important.

A Neighbourhood Plan can cover lots of issues, or focus on just one or two key issues.  The more it covers, the more time it may take to prepare!

Our first step was to find out what is most important to our residents, businesses and visitors.  From this we have developed 5 key themes that are important to local people. These key themes are:

  • Getting About
  • Green and Open Spaces
  • Town Centre, Shops & Services
  • Design and Heritage
  • Place-Making Opportunities

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group then started working on these sub-themes and our work was presented to public through a series of online and face-to-face consultations.  Please click on the Consultations link (above) to find out more about the result of these consultations.