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Welcome to the Christchurch Town Council – Neighbourhood Plan website.

If you live, work in or visit the town, you may be interested in how the town may change in the future. A Neighbourhood Plan, written by local people, can influence the plans and decisions made about those changes.

We want everyone who is interested, to get involved, so that our plan genuinely reflects the planning matters that local people say are the most important.

Our First Survey

A Neighbourhood Plan can cover lots of issues, or focus on just one or two key issues.  The more it covers, the more time it may take to prepare!

So before we start our journey, our first step is to find out what is most important to our residents, businesses and visitors.  From this we will work out what our plan most needs to talk about.

Our survey is now closed from the 15th of March 2021. We are busy analysing the results and we have had over 1200+ responses!

Key documents

At the moment we have not produced any documents as we are only just starting out.  But we will be adding documents to our website as work progresses.

Who are we?

For information about the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, please visit the “about us” page.